Brand New Purezza
What should I be asking for her? She's mint, but her glasses need a bit of glue (one arm has broken off) and her hat is missing.
[Image: purezza.jpg]

Here's her picture. I just want to make sure I'm not asking too much in my sales thread.

Please keep in mind that I'm new to pullips, so you may want to get a more experienced opinion. You can get her from pullipstyle brand new for $84.95 plus 10.00 shipping to the USA. Are you including all her stock (minus hat)? What about the table and chairs? I'm not sure how much those would be worth. I guess I'm not really any help since I'm not sure how much I would ask for her if it were me selling her. I don't think she's really considered that popular, so ultimately that may affect her value.
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My Feedback
She isn't a very poular doll, I would say $70 for everything pictured.
She is often on sale, and not very popular, so I guess $70. Maybe you should sell her stock and the doll separately ?
Ok thanks!

What would she go for with stock and body seperately? Maybe 60 for her, $15 for stock?
I totally lucked out and got a BNP in great condition, all her stock, stuff, excellent condition box, card, etc on Ebay for $41 plus $11 shipping.

I feel pretty lucky!
I'd say you could get more for her stock than $ 15, at least if you split up.
Her jacket, pants, hat and tights are very easy to sell at least. I sold my pants and shirt alone for $ 12. But it all depends on what people are willing to pay at that exact time of course wink

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