My very first custom! :D [Ex-Cornice]
She looks amazing ^^
*It can't rain all the time*

[Image: 3903262360_a628d710ee.jpg]
I really like how this turned out. Very awsome grin
Love her. She looks really great and I agree with the other comments of she doesn't look at all like you have never done full customs before. Great job.
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hey what size button did you use? - all the ones i find/like are all to big :/
she is absolutley beautiful, I can't wait to get my first doll :3
Oh woaa, she's sooo pretty! Love the eye <3
Lovely custom! I love the idea of the custom eyes, I really wanted to do one too but never got around to it!
[Image: Trio-1.jpg]
The second picture looks like she's human, not dolly! yay Wonderful job, she's awesome. - Feedback
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I love the eyes! The button was a great idea.
Very nice job!
[Image: Trio-1.jpg]
I like her eye ! It's original! Your doll is so beautiful and dark like I love Happy
I LOVE the...facial bolts? (is that what they are LOL) what a great design, extremely well done. smile

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