Azul my pullip custom
Azul, pullip custom BNP.. makeup for Craia .. Spain.

[Image: azul1a.jpg]

[Image: azul1.jpg]

[Image: azul2j.jpg]

[Image: azul3t.jpg]

[Image: azul3a.jpg]

[Image: azul4c.jpg]

[Image: azul5.jpg]

[Image: azul6.jpg]

[Image: azul7.jpg]
I love how soft she looks! Do her eyes still move? I just love how sweet young and delicate she looks, great job!
she is really sweet, Nizsm is right, she has such a look of innocence about her...
Craia did her makeup, the eyes I put them, and moves them to the sides and opens and closes. the clothes are handmade by me.
thanks !!! smile

my flirck:
Awww, she's really sweet. She's so very pretty and I love the clothes you made her. They are adorable. I really enjoyed all the different poses in the pics.
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My Feedback
Her eyes are beautiful
lol she is adorable!
thanks!! azul is adorable. thanks thanks!! smile smile
Nice custom! Those eyes of her's are awsome! She's so cute.
Maddy! Your pullip is so cute!!!
[Image: 22349164@N03.jpg]
mina! jajaja thanks!! esto del ingles no se me da , tengo q andar con el traductor jajajaja
I love her eyes! Great customiztion!
Oh, she's so pretty!
her eyes are so beautiful! Here in Brazil Azul meaning Blue like in Spain! Azul like her eyes! Love it!
She's so pretty and innocent! I love her eyes *__*
She's cute; her eyes are gorgeous. Kudos to you~

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