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Feedback for Nizsm
Nizsm's Feedback
Positive: 8
Negative: 0
Neutral: 0

Feedback from Pullipstyle
+1 Very nice buyer, pleasant to work with, payment was prompt and communication was great. Thanks so much.
+1 as a buyer, quick payment and good communication! ^__^
+1 as a seller!

Bought a Sou head from Nizsm- fantastic seller! Head arrived very fast and packaged extremely well!

Thank you so much!
[Image: Stellasig.jpg]
Want: Clarity or Nero's eyechips!
Thank you so much! Haute will love her new home I'm sure smile
[Image: DM-signature_zpstjcicspl.jpg]

+1 for a great splitter

split for a pair of scalps (since we only needed one each) and it worked out great yay
+1 buyer for gucci re-ment, thanks XD
+1 for joining the Cool Cat 2nd GO. Prompt payment and great communication. Thanks for being a part of it.
+1 for swapping dolls, definitely love my new jupi. thanks so much!
+1 as a seller!

I got two dolls from her. She's very nice, patient and friendly, definitely a great transaction! Thank you! yay
applecandy mela. Get yours at
LOOKING FOR: nudeAlberich, Alberich eyechips, nude Asuka, nude Sol, nude Rayne, MIB or NRFB Lala, Suiseiseki & Souseiseki stock wigs, cheap Filato stock wig, MIB or NRFB Another Queen, nude AQ, nude Chelsea, nude Naomi, nude Haute LA, any Pullip head, any bloomers or petticoat or apron.
Please PM if you have to sell. XP Let's share Squiby click! Click here to see my fierce beasts. XD
+1 as a buyer! Thanks so much for a smooth sale, hope you enjoy the wigs! Happy
Clickr for My Flickr I'm on tumblr too!
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