I have a used Jupi I'm thinking of selling. I own partial space girl stock (don't know who's is who's) but I'm thinking of selling her nude. The previous own cut her hair to mid back length.

She's a rare girl so I'd say $150? Although now is not the best time to be selling pullips yay
I bought my Jupi bald/nude/Obitsu'd for $90 shipped earlier this year, if that helps any~ ^^
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Since it's been almost a year since a post, curious if Jupi's price has changed any? I have a complete Jupi I'm thinking about re-homing (hair straightened but otherwise is stock).
Still curious, any ideas?
How much is jupi nowadays?
Full stock + box
The seller says she has slight staining from the stock outfit.
I say max $150.
But it really depends on how badly you want her, too. And if it's really bad, I say only go up to $180.
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Arara is right, it's usually $100 for the doll and $50 for the stock... Maybe an extra $10 for the box and card, so around $160 max especially if she definately has staining.

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Thanks =3

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