Gothic Purple
Oh, what a surprise!
[Image: 3887469186_a2100e57b8.jpg]

Such a long time that we don't see each other
[Image: 3886674207_9235b2b2ed.jpg]

Do you like my new dress?
[Image: 3887474624_ef96af475b.jpg]

Am I pretty?
[Image: 3886679487_bd6a4418bf.jpg]

I like to be here, alone...
[Image: 3887478242_908f4db4ee.jpg]

Anyway, I'll be watching you!
[Image: 3886686427_7f484f4f84.jpg]

Hope to see you soon...
[Image: 3886688305_f2519ac42e.jpg]
Wow she looks sooo extremely beautiful, I really LOVE these pictures!
Thank you!! yay
She's so pretty!
Her eye make-up is fantastic!
She's gorgeous!
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Thank you girls! ^^ make up is from Prettío
WOW!! She is gorgeous. That face-up is just beautiful!!
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My Feedback
She's so beautiful in purple. I love that third shot of her.
She is so pretty~ I love her dress and her eye chips! xD
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The dress is súper cute! Heart
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She's so cute! I really love her hair, her faceup and her eyes.
Everything goes very well together!
That wig is really cool, she looks very pretty
*It can't rain all the time*

[Image: 3903262360_a628d710ee.jpg]
Oo I lover her eye makeup and wig!
Thank you girls!!! blush
aww! she is one pretty pullip! where did you get the wig?

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