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Please remember no text only responses. Unlike all the other threads in the pictionary you do not have to have taken the photos yourself but please cite where you ganked the pictures from. If someone would like their personal pictures removed from this thread please contact me. Keep in mind this thread is only for information purposes.

Photos from 56th Japan International Gift Show-

1- Leprotto Prototype
[Image: 3966558590_ce5444fc47.jpg]
2- Unproduced Prototype
[Image: 3966557046_0443580302.jpg]
3- Unproduced Prototype
[Image: 3965780669_aa970a020d.jpg]
4. Unproduced Prototype
[Image: 3966557114_ce29aed153.jpg]
5. Unproduced Prototype
[Image: 3966557392_5fddf87e32.jpg]
6. Withered Prototype
[Image: 3965782801_ee6a4fe3df.jpg]
7. Savon Protoype
[Image: 3965783157_1d6cd9fdc0.jpg]
8. Unproduced Prototype
[Image: 3966557482_0d884c84da.jpg]
9. Unproduced Prototype
[Image: 3966556466_86b656871f.jpg]
10. Unproduced Prototype
[Image: 3966556518_6f2fae9c40.jpg]
11. Unproduced Prototypes
[Image: 3966556418_4b10b8da38.jpg]
12. Arrietta & Namu Prototype
[Image: 3965783535_91efd99f34.jpg]
13. Unproduced Prototype
[Image: 3966556558_e63c80f265.jpg]
14. Unproduced Prototype
[Image: 3965780453_a8135ef03a.jpg]
15. Unproduced Prototype
[Image: 3966559864_8aeae78b79.jpg]
16 & 17- Unproduced Prototypes
[Image: 3965782933_0ac05f3626.jpg]
18. Anne Prototype
[Image: 3966560224_69ccc5bce2.jpg]
19. Unproduced Prototype
[Image: 3966559510_a634b64996.jpg]
20. Unproduced Prototype
[Image: 3965782993_d8cc16ae22.jpg]

Carol Prototype
[Image: 3965783809_03b144c4f8.jpg]

Squall Prototype
[Image: 3966559688_f7fe840a79.jpg]

Wind Prototype
[Image: 3965782543_434be7344b.jpg]

Venus Prototype
[Image: 3965782477_3f39d56837.jpg]

Storm Prototype
[Image: 3966558766_f0dc818212.jpg]

Nomado Prototype
[Image: 3966558300_185c25cdcf.jpg]

Nero Prototype
[Image: 3966557792_dd24448fbe.jpg]

Noir Prototype
[Image: 3965781749_2b729c2eb0.jpg]

Moon Prototype
[Image: 3965781045_4bc9c053ed.jpg]
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