joyinthedance - feedback
+1 as a seller! I bought a Nina from her about a week ago, and it's already here! She kept me updated through the whole transaction, and was an overall pleasure. I would definitely recommend Joyinthedance. Happy
+1 for fast payment and great communication on felt slipper purchase. Thanks for buying!
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+1 as buyer~
Paid for an obitsu quickly. Also let me know when it arrived~

Thank you yay
+1 as a Great seller, great communication and sent item quickly. Thanks so much!!
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+1 as a seller, bought her Papin, she was very friendly, shipped quickly and was willing to work with me, I Love my Papin so much! Thank you!
+1 as a seller! I bought some dal bodies from her and everything went perfectly and the bodies are great. Thank you sweetie!
+ 1 as a seller. I bought some small items from her. Very nice person to deal with, thanks! smile
+1 as a seller! Re-ment is cute and The Adsiltia card arrived in perfect condition!
+1 as a seller!

I bought a bunch of Rement and a lovely halter top from her.

Everything arrived super quick and in great shape, exactly as described.

A delight to deal with!
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Bought my dolly and was nice! Give her a good home <3

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+1 for a smooth transaction! thank u!
+1 for a smooth transaction! thank u!
+1 as seller.

I bought a Latte's stock jacket from her, super great item. Thank you smile
+1 for a great seller again

sold me Zuoras bodysuite and it was shipped fast - as always a great person to work with yay
1+ Seller. Fast shipping, quick comunicatioin. Very nice person.

Thank you very much everything was perfect :-)
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+1 for a great buyer!

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