Feedback for pandor
Please leave feedback for me here! :3
B: +4 / -0 / n0
S: +3 / -0 / n0
T: +1 / -0 / n0

Other places I have feedback:
DolliehSanctuary (+4 B/+5 S/+1 T)
Amazon Marketplace (100%)
ebay (Positive feedback: 100%|Feedback score: 50)
+1 as a seller!

Bought an awesome wig from her and it arrived super fast and packaged great! Thanks!!
+1 for an awesome buyer!

she bought a pair of eye lashes for a custom and it was one of the easiest transactions ive ever dealt witn yay
+1 as a buyer!
Thanks for giving my Sol's wig a new home~
And I really appreciate your quick payment and great communication! grin
+1 for a fabulous trade!

Thanks again for the sweet couch! It's already set up in the dollhouse, and they all love it. <3
+1, really nice buyer and immediate payment. Thanks so much! grin
+1 as a buyer. Great communication and fast payment. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks again!
+1 as a buyer. Bought some eyelashes from me. Even remembered to let mek now they arrived, after I forgot I sent them. lol thanks!

+1 for being a great buyer. Prompt payment and good communication. smile
+1 as a seller!

Sold me a Filato head. Great communication, fast shipping! I'm so happy I bought from you!
+1 for selling handsome Maguna to me. The picture she drew on the mailing box reveals her to be very talented and caring! Thanks so much....

La la la, I don't know. The world forget... Feel like so!

Life's too short for ugly dolls!
Pluss one for an awesome sale

Sold me Trunk and I can't wait till he's finished so I can show him off

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