My very special (for me ;-)) - Tama (Paja)
Hello @all!!

Yeyterday she arrived: My awesome Paja *__*
She is so cute - in real life more then on the pictures .... I felt in love ... She is awesome *___* But have a look ~>

[Image: 4030324096_59456d9150.jpg]

[Image: 4029566217_3ab30b5155.jpg]

[Image: 4030326446_483c202339.jpg]

[Image: 4029573009_087718866d.jpg]

Isn't she a sweetheart? OMG XD I can't take my hands and eyes of her XD

Kind regards
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Whoa! What a cute girl you got there! Congrats!
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Oh she is so cute! May I ask where you got her adorable socks from too?
^^ Thanks ^^
@Thylaylii: She wear white handemade Socks and over them leg warmers from a Bratz Doll smile
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She is beautiful! Your pictures are very cute; I love your posing. Congratulations!
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I was looking at Tama on Flickr the other day and I fell in love with her and her outfit! I was dying to know where did you get the outfit though.Heart 2
Tama's outfit is kawaii; she looks great in it! Congratulations. Happy
Thank you ^^

@Oshiyama Yumemiya
Her outfit is mixed from different things.
Her Shirt is a dress from a "Bärenwald"-teddybear, her shorts are Re-Ment her socks are selfmade, her leg warmers are from Bratz and her shoes are unknown

Thank you ^^
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she is so adorable, i love the eyeshadow on her! what a cutie!
Congrats! You are so lucky (;
Her outfit is so adorable ^^
She is so cute! Congrats! smile
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Aww! She's so sweet!!! I love Paja!
She is super cute!
Yes! she's a sweetheart smile Congrats!
She is so sweet! I love the long hair!

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