From Naomi, with love...
First photos from the band's photoshooting for their new CD "Mondlicht". grin
Edge and Richt will follow ...

[Image: 4086136425_a839d06061.jpg]

[Image: 4086891330_ee4fda0a3f.jpg]

[Image: 4086890846_85c2b0e75d.jpg]

[Image: 4082316997_46ab2f7e34.jpg]

[Image: 4082316673_89b229d5de.jpg]

[Image: 4083076486_f9ed1c41d6.jpg]

[Image: 4083076200_6472973931_o.jpg]

[Image: 4083075922_8720e08cd0_o.jpg]
Beautiful photoshoot, she already becoming popular prior to the CD release *wink* XD
beautiful yay
Beautiul photos. smile
Saving for: BJDs (Simply Divine Harlequin)
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3 BJDs (KDF Bory boy, Isaac; MD Jina, Titan; MD Ryu, Leeland!) <3 2 American Girl dolls
did you order from pullipstyle?
Thanks so much! Happy

@Leannarchy: No, I run my own shop ( although we're working together with Pullipstyle. wink But I've got the dolls from Groove directly because they asked me to do photos of them and to show them at conventions here in Germany.
She's so beautiful! You're making me want her!
Very nice photos smile
Oh wow! I'm so glad I picked her for my first! *waits patiently for Christmas*
Her eye makeup is stunning, it's really surprising. And I agree: I think she's popular before their "album". I'm realllly looking forward to Richt's entrance (is looking into purchasing him.)
Great pictures!
[Image: Trio-1.jpg]
Very cute! grin I can't wait for my Naomi to arrive now!
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My Feedback:

Your Naomi is so beautiful! And your pictures are great Happy I love her eyes
I sooo badly want this doll sometime in the future. I love just about everything about her.
Since I entered the Pullip world I had 2 crushes. The first on an Ala, which I own, and the second on Naomi... But I decided to stick to 2 dolls...
BLIMEY your photos make me want her even more if it's possible! Rb_x

Nice job you did here, I love your photo's compositions and the work you did on the colours Heart 2

Damn I want a Naomi I want a Naomi I want a Naomi I want a Naomi I want a Naomi I want a Naomi...

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