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+1 as a buyer! Sold some books and they were paid for right away(: Thanks again!
I broke a fingernail. Woops. No I did not, okay? I sliced it. I sliced it like a man.

I'm finally back! Sorry for disappearing! Rb_x
+1 as a seller.
Thanks a million, very nice and great communication, thanks as well for lovely drawn that you made, I love it. ;D
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Latte outfit, Shan-ria outfit, 2xObitsu 27cm - 1x obitsu25cm -
thank you! very nice seller <3
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"Your bitterness I shall dispel."

This is a late post, sorry! >.<

Another great deal, got two dolls and two wigs and they arrived sound and safe! grin

Thank you!
applecandy mela. Get yours at
LOOKING FOR: nudeAlberich, Alberich eyechips, nude Asuka, nude Sol, nude Rayne, MIB or NRFB Lala, Suiseiseki & Souseiseki stock wigs, cheap Filato stock wig, MIB or NRFB Another Queen, nude AQ, nude Chelsea, nude Naomi, nude Haute LA, any Pullip head, any bloomers or petticoat or apron.
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+1 as a split partner, excellent communication, an absolute delight to work with would not hesitate to do business with again Happy
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Ordered: Dollzone Venus Halo, Halo and Halo Strayer 
+1 for a great sale

sold me Angrys hat and both of Ceils wig - thank you so much - shipping was fast and always let me know what was going on - a pleasure to work with ^^
+1 for a fantastic seller! Sold me the cutest little sailor dress and sent it with the sweetest little note! Thank you very much! smile
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+1 as seller! Very quick shipping, and everything was in great shape!
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+1 positive!!!

The outfit was perfect! quick shipmen! Thanks for all
WishList: Haute LA, Kuhn, Galene, Dahlia, Mao, NekoNeko MaoMao Special 2
+1 as a seller!
I bought various items from her and they all arrived safely!
Very pleasant to work with, and I'd definitely buy from again! ^___^
+1 as a fantastic seller. Fantastic communication, fast delivery... 100% recommended grin
+1 as a seller. Shipped safe and secure. A nice gal to deal with all around. smile
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+1 as a seller!! Really thanks for all!!!! 100%
WishList: Haute LA, Kuhn, Galene, Dahlia, Mao, NekoNeko MaoMao Special 2
Item: I bought Marianne's complete stock + wig (part of a split with Applecandy)
Date: Early-Mid Oct 2012
My Location: Thailand

Comment: + 1 as seller. Great communication and kindly answer all my inquiries. My package was well packed and arrive safely. This was a long transaction since it was a 3 ways communication as part of a split and we weren't always online around the same time. However, once the detail were settled my package was ship in a timely manner. The only reason it took so long to get to me was because the package was returned to the sender and she need to reship it to me.^^' Anyhow, I'm really happy with my items, thank you.~wink
+1 as a seller. I bought Mir's stock, and it is fabulous. Well packed, fast shipping, and even some cute little extras. I would definitely deal with Usagi again. It was a pleasure.
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