Feedback for applecandy
Hi, here is my feedback thread. I'm on PullipStyle too with the same name and on ebay as loneywolf.
Thank you. smile
applecandy mela. Get yours at
LOOKING FOR: nudeAlberich, Alberich eyechips, nude Asuka, nude Sol, nude Rayne, MIB or NRFB Lala, Suiseiseki & Souseiseki stock wigs, cheap Filato stock wig, MIB or NRFB Another Queen, nude AQ, nude Chelsea, nude Naomi, nude Haute LA, any Pullip head, any bloomers or petticoat or apron.
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+1 as an excellent buyer! Quick payment, great communication!
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+1. Great buyer. Paid for wig quickly. Thankyou.
+1 for the paying quickly for her part of the FMD GO!
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+1 for a nice buyer. Thank you very much!^^
+1 thanks for being a wonderful buyer, enjoy your items! yay
+1 buyer~

Paid on schedule and was extremely patient throughout the process of receiving her package, thanks so much! <33
+1 for being a great buyer!

Paid quickly for two wigs that will be shipped out on Monday. Thank you for the quick payment!
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+1 as a buyer, good transation, kept up communication throughout. smile
+1 trader~

Kept in contact with me at all times and is always super friendly. Thanks! <33
+1 buyer~

Bought my mini Pullip from me. Quick payment, awesome communication and friendly, friendly as always. Thanks so much! <33
Excellent buyer! Kept me up to date on payments and when items arrived. Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction =)
+1 as a buyer. Thank you :-)
+1 as a buyer! Lovely transaction, payment was quick and she was super sweet. Would love to do business with again, hope you enjoy your necklaces. =)
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I can fully recommend applecandy as a reliable and trustworthy buyer! applecandy bought several times from me and we always had great communication and smooth transactions! Thanks, dear.
+1 as a perfect buyer. Paid promptly on agreed dates, and kept in touch all the time. Very good communication skills, PMed me straight away when the dolls arrived. Couldn't be happier, very recommended!

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