Just not sure how much to ask for if I do decide to sell her.

She's deboxed but in pretty awesome condition, I am her original owner, bought from Pullip Style.

Wig plaits undone, wig in ok condition, obviously a bit messier than when it arrived (as is the way with curly wigs)

stock t4 body, nothing broken!

full stock.

If anyone knows how much I should ask for her a.) nude b.) with full stock and c.) with partial stock (I might keep the leggings and shoes!) please let me know

thanks! ^___^ <3
You can get her for $95 NRFB so I would say $85 if she comes with all her stock bits.
I'm guessing $60 nude, and around $80 with stock and anywhere in between partial!

I don't think i've seen her for sale oob yet!

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