Hey baby, I love your waves!
Something random since I haven't posted pictures in a while~

My favorite girl, Raquelle.
[Image: 4132264400_679eab538b_o.jpg]

[Image: 4132264222_43d7f693fb_o.jpg]

[Image: 4132264148_e2a7de943a_o.jpg]

[Image: 4120031247_f95d249733_o.jpg]
Valley as my new Kairi.

[Image: 4120804238_7a91ff83ed_o.jpg]
Snow sisters: Vienna, Vedera, & Valley.

[Image: 4120825972_2411a6ff57_o.jpg]
A new look for Haley.

Beautiful Remedie.
[Image: 4082858143_9e3f9ba494_o.jpg]

[Image: 4083617758_b56b267238_o.jpg]
The perfect stargazing picture that I did accidentally.

[Image: 4126221605_55f026db0f_o.jpg]
I met up with Shea on Sunday! She adopted Bonnie~ It was so nice meeting her! <3

[Image: 4105251666_def2c322e2_o.jpg]
Barrin: "Geez, is it my turn yet??"

[Image: 4062995484_7500a3bae5.jpg]
Hehe, Barrin was dressed up as BOLT for Halloween!

Thanks for lookin'!
[Image: kimogirlssig1_zps3fac5dd8.png]
[Image: flickr-1.png] [Image: DALogo.png] [Image: instaemb_zps2b18bc28.png] [Image: tumblr_zpsec8e401a.png]
Your girls are all so pretty and well-kept -- that sounds weird but you have a great eye for detail, their bracelets and headbands and underskirts are spot-on as well as their wigs and poses and shoes.

Barrin is the perfect Bolt! (And looks more adorably content on that computer chair than anything else.)

Paja's my grail so I'm always eying your Remedie the most; she's totally stunning in everything you put her in! <3 <3 <3
Wow, very great pictures smile I really love your Valley x3
Raquelle is gorgeous! You have a lovely little family yay
Haley is gorgeous! I love how she's like "check out the new 'do" Tongue
I understand why your Raquelle is your favorite!She's so nice Happy I love her style and her wig.She seems very dynamic
Raquelle is beautiful!
awe what a cute doggie!

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