Flowers for the dead ones...
[Image: 3987077012_cff9274142.jpg]

[Image: 3986322841_07d68dd41f.jpg]

[Image: 3986322495_ffac969592.jpg]

[Image: 3986322067_8c17a66951.jpg]

[Image: 3987075356_6d00f86eb3.jpg]

[Image: 3987074918_f84ee76566.jpg]

[Image: 3986320857_1113887506.jpg]

[Image: 3986320399_97e9c2c65e.jpg]
[Image: 22349164@N03.jpg]
Your decor is absolutely splendid! Very beautiful pictures.
Your doll transmit emotions
Thank you so much!!
[Image: 22349164@N03.jpg]
The first pic is my fave. She looks like she's missing someone....
Wow, very moving. Beautiful. o.o
this is a really awesome shoot idea. well done!
[Image: pullip_zps7b809c62.jpg]
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"all my possessions for a moment of time." queen elizabeth I
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Thank you so much!! grin
[Image: 22349164@N03.jpg]
I think the first one works the best, really hard to full off sadness when pullips naturally look happy. Nice work!
What a wonderfull photoshoot! I love it smile

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