Reira(update 11-02-2010)

I just got yesterday my first pullip..
I am really happy with her. and I am so lucky that I got herXD

[Image: IMG_0216-1.jpg]

Isn't she cute I am happy her owner sold her to meXD
She's lovely, does she have a name?
(11-29-2009, 04:43 AM)bp_serene Wrote: She's lovely, does she have a name?

Thank you^^ Well she is a Rei and her first owner called her Reira.
But I am still thinking about a name for herLOL
Congrats on her. That is one pretty dolly. I'm digging her hair, love that color blend.
she is lovely
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[Image: dollbbc.php?sex=girl&back=0000&]

Thank you everyoneLOL

I am happy I got her
She is really pretty! Congratulations!
Congrats! She is really pretty. I love the longer hair much better on her then her original short wig. She's lovely!
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That wig looks gorgeous on her. Congrats on the new doll! <33 Do you plan on getting anymore?
^^ thankies againXD
Well New pics of Reira(she was already called like that before I got her so I keep that name and its fits her)

I buyed a jacket for her^^ Still need a pants and top but yeah i only want the ones where I am really looking for:

[Image: IMG_0310.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0291.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0286.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0289.jpg]

Its cold here so :

[Image: IMG_0299.jpg]

Hope you guys like them^^
Yay! I have that hoodie too, they're so cute grin
She looks really wonderful. I like her little melancholic watch. The name fit very well. It#s a good choice you didn't change him. n____n
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Reira is so adorable, especially with that hat C:
You make me want a Rei! Tongue
She is gorgeous smile

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