My 1st ever Pullip is here! But there is a problem....
.... she says her name is Sara, not Alice! *lol*

Yep, bought my first Pullip telling myself I would have her customised to become Alice in Wonderland as I love collecting Alice stuff and she was going to go in my display cabinet with my other Alice stuff and that would be that.

She arrived and as soon as I got her out the box nude and bald I thought 'bless her, better dress her in something until I get the Alice dress'. So I popped on the wig I'd bought from Summerglow here and thought 'oh, not the right colour but will do for now'. Put some Barbie clothes on her (skirts a little big so I pleated it at the back) and lo and behold she told me her name is Sara and not to make her into Alice - to get another doll to do that to!!

So, Sara was 'born' lol. My husband and my Mum think I'm mad wink but I think they like her too... when I did this photoshoot my hubby told me to make sure I'd got Sara's permission to take her pics wink

Anyway, here she is, she's a Hello Kitty Pullip and I just love her. She's adopted herself a pet Gecko called Jerome:

[Image: 4141887010_642b2f05b2.jpg]

[Image: 4141886740_fd3cce1ea6.jpg]

[Image: 4141886488_c0e095b35c.jpg]

[Image: 4141886618_3d2e314048.jpg]

[Image: 4141130299_4f6a7228e5.jpg]

[Image: 4141130199_e206f535e4.jpg]

[Image: 4141130079_802d67e61f.jpg]

Hope you enjoy!
Hehe aw, its funny how a girl can assert her personality regardless of what plans you have for her!! She's lovely! blush
Thanks! Yes I'm getting to know her personality for sure wink
My *girl* told me she did not feel well the other I am glad to see sara here! She is so lovely!

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