Zoey's picture thread, because I'm Zoey obssessed! (very pic heavy)
Pictures of Zoey because I just love her so much!

[Image: Zoeyyardpink8small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyyardpinksmall.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyyardpink7small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyyardpink6small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyyardpink2small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyyardpink3small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyyardpink4small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyyardpink5small.jpg]

With Little Kat & Edward
[Image: ZoeyLittleKatEdward.jpg]

[Image: Zoeyroom3.jpg]
[Image: Zoey4.jpg]
[Image: Zoey5.jpg]
[Image: Zoey6.jpg]
[Image: Zoey7.jpg]
[Image: Zoey9.jpg]
[Image: Zoeywhitedress3small.jpg]
[Image: Zoey10.jpg]

With Baby CC
[Image: BabyCCZoeysmall.jpg]

[Image: ZoeyLittleKatroom3small.jpg]
[Image: ZoeyLittleKatroom2small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyroomsmall.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyroom9.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyroom7.jpg]
[Image: Zoeywhitedresssmall.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyyardsmall.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyyard3small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyyard5small.jpg]

With Little Kat
[Image: ZoeyLittleKatstrawberrysmall.jpg]
[Image: ZoeyLittleKatstrawberry2small.jpg]

[Image: Zoeyflowerdress2small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyflowerdresssmall.jpg]
[Image: Zoeytv4small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeytv2small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeytv3small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeytv5small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeytv6small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeytv7small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeytvsmall.jpg]
[Image: ZoeyChristmassmall.jpg]
[Image: ZoeyChristmas5small.jpg]
[Image: ZoeyChristmas4small.jpg]
[Image: ZoeyChristmas3small.jpg]
[Image: ZoeyChristmas2small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeybikini2small.jpg]
[Image: Zoeybikinismall.jpg]
[Image: Zoeypjssmall.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyjeanssmall.jpg]
[Image: Zoeygownsmall.jpg]

I love the edward doll *dies*
also buy my dolls
Lots of Zoey goodness! Thank you again for the Pjs, Kinsley stole them, they were supposed to be Keeleighs:-) I love seeing Zoey pics!
Sticas,ftw! smile
[Image: 4613667.png][Image: 4613643.png]

Kaname (Stica), Grell, Sebastian.
Waiting for: None : )
Wishlist: : Barasuishou, Hermine, Clair.

Hey, you have an EduardO!! yayz.
She's gorgeous smile I love the pics of her with the yellow bear, so sweet <3

lol Since this thread got bumped up anyway, here's new Zoey pics. The first is the most recent of Zoey & her sister Sakura.

[Image: ZoeySakurahair.jpg]

[Image: Zoeyqueen-1.jpg]
[Image: Zoeynewwig.jpg]

With boyfriend Kona
[Image: ZoeynewwigKona.jpg]

[Image: Zoeynewwigwindow.jpg]
[Image: Zoeynewwigwindow2.jpg]
[Image: Zoeynewwigwindow3.jpg]

With Sakura
[Image: ZoeySaiyukisailordresses.jpg]

[Image: Zoeyforest.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyforest2.jpg]
[Image: Zoeysailordressfront.jpg]

With friend, Sayuri
[Image: SlumberParty7.jpg]
[Image: SlumberParty10.jpg]

With family, Anyabelle, Sakura, Kona, and Little Kat
[Image: park.jpg]
[Image: park3.jpg]

with Kona
[Image: KonaZoeypark.jpg]
[Image: KonaZoey6.jpg]

[Image: Zoeyalicedress.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyalicedress2.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyalicedress3.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyalicedress4.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyalicedress5.jpg]
[Image: Zoeyalicedress6.jpg]
[Image: Zoeysnow2.jpg]
[Image: Zoeysnow7.jpg]
[Image: Zoeypinksnow.jpg]
[Image: Zoeypinksnow2.jpg]

With sister, Anyabelle
[Image: ZoeyAnybellesnuggle2small.jpg]
[Image: ZoeyAnyabellesmall.jpg]

[Image: Zoeydesksmall.jpg]

With sisters, Little Kat & Anyabelle
[Image: ZoeyLittleKatAnyabelle2small.jpg]
[Image: ZoeyLittleKatAnyabellesmall.jpg]

Everyone! L to R: Alyssa, Ashley, Zoey, Little Kat, Alice, Kona, Mew Mew (Sakura's cat), Cain, Sushi (Zoey's dog), Anyabelle, Sayuri (my friend's doll who is currently visiting), and Sakura
[Image: dollsaframehouse.jpg]
[Image: dollsaframehouse2.jpg]
The last picture of all of them in the house together is so sweet! smile
Zoe is absolutely lovely (and so are all your dolls <3) I love her curly pig tials, they're really so sweet ^^
[Image: siggy.jpg]
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