I took the girls outside for some photos~
I wanted to do it indoors, but the lighting isn't very good. >w<;;

We've had the tiny ornaments (and tree skirt, which mom made~) for quite some time, but the tree's new. The old one got tossed a while back.

I can't wait for Christmas. Another Alice is coming. >w<

[Image: 4190592073_198ede1d1b.jpg]
[Image: 4191354116_a183c736c8.jpg]
[Image: 4191354212_8263df4537.jpg]
[Image: 4191354564_bae149caa0.jpg]
[Image: 4190592907_0afc82e3a0.jpg]
[Image: 4190592725_5455c150db_m.jpg][Image: 4191354286_71e7b868ca_m.jpg]
[Image: 4191354392_5a93abab89.jpg]

Happy Holidays~!
Oh, horns! Those are so cute. ^__^ And so is her tiny tree.

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