Sailor Zoey and Sailor Mini Kat!
Well, I got a little Sailor Venus doll to go with my big Sailor Moon doll yesterday, and I just HAD to!

I am Sailor Zoey!
[Image: SailorZoeysmall.jpg]

And I'm Sailor Mini Kat!
[Image: SailorZoeyandSailorMiniKatsmall.jpg]

Together we are the Sailor Dolls!
[Image: SailorZoeyandSailorMiniKatsmall2.jpg]

And we are cute too!
[Image: SailorMiniKatsmall.jpg]
They're cute~
I have the Sailor Moon dress too. >w<
(I kept my dolls from when I was little~)

I didn't end up keeping any of the smaller dolls, though. D:

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