Feedback for Buff
I commissioned Buff to Customize my Nathan Fillion Minimee Head.
The work is outstanding, turn around time was great, communication was great.
I would definitely commission Buff again! Thanks so much!!!
+1 as a super-fantastic face-up artist

Buff does really exquisite work and has really fast turnaround time. It was a totally smooth & easy transaction from start-to-finish. Thanks so much! smile
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+1 Came very nicely packaged and in wonderful condition! <3
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+1 as a seller! Fast ship, well packaged and great communication. I wouldn't hesitate to order from Buff again in the future! Happy
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+2 as an incredible faceup artist

Buff customised 2 boys for me & not only did she give them gorgeous new faces, she helped me so much with letting me get things sent direct to her (to save me alot of $$ cutting out the cost to Australia) Her packaging is the best I have ever received and I love my boys grin Heart 2
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+1 Love my custom J-doll.
+1 as a seller

I do so love me some Tantus grin
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+ 1 as a seller.

Ciel Robin arrived fast, perfected packaged and the condition is even better than described. I could never tell that it was deboxed! Great communication, a pleasure to buy from. Thank you so much for everyrhing!
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+1 as an amazing faceup artist

Buff did the faceup for a Dollfie Dream head of mine. Her work is amazing and I hope to work with her again in the future! Thank you smile
+1 as a buyer

Buff purchased some Monster High dolls from me and everything went smoothly. Great communication and fast payment. smile
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+1 for her custom face up work.

I commissioned Buff to do a complete face up for a Taeyang. Her work is exquisite and very detailed. She also keeps up great communication and is super friendly. Thanks!
+1 positive

I purchased two former bait custom girls from Buff and I couldn't be happier. She described all of the work she did accurately and honestly, packed them well, and shipped quickly. Thank you so much! I'm honored to have some of your lovely customs in my collection.
Got some more dolls from Buff. Awesome seller, great/smooth transaction.
+1 seller

I bought a stock outfit from Buff. My item arrived quickly and in amazing condition.
+1 as a fantastic seller
I bought pullip cornie outfit. It came perfectly packagged and arrived so fast. Thank you so much!

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