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LilBrokenRagdoll's Feedback
HeartLilBrokenRagdoll's FeedbackHeart

I look forward to doing business with you, and making both our doll collections a little more wonderful!
+1 as a buyer, bought a jacket from me, and everything went smoothly, fast payment and excellent communication, very sweet to deal with, thank you!Sweatdrop
+1 Great buyer! Fast payment, great communication, A++! grin
+1 buyer~!

Super friendly, prompt communication and payment; flawless transaction~ Thanks so much~!
+1 Buyer!
+1 as buyer - good communication smile
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+1 for being a great buyer! smile Thanks so much! Very friendly! grin
+ Current Feedback ~ click!
+1 as a buyer! Good communication and fast payment. grin

Fantastic trade partner. Super friendly and great communication. Doll arrived in a timely manner and was well-packed. Thank you so much!
+1 as a buyer, brought Zuora from me, everything went smoothly. yay

Purchased BNP from her. The doll is fabulous and was extremely well-packed. An absolutely fantastic transaction yet again. I can't say enough good things.

Did a split for Horizon with LilBrokenRagdoll (me stock her doll) and I couldn't be happier! Really great and friendly to deal with. Thank you again! yay

Lovely buyer!!! Super Fast payment, and great communication, A++! Thank you.

Bought Horizon partial stock.
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+1 as a buyer ^^ Thanks!
+2 for being a wonderful buyer!

I sold a pair of Lead's stock boots to her for one of her boys. She paid immediately and was friendly and polite in her PMs.

And then a day later, she also bought partial Raphia & Maguna stock outfits. Once again, paid incredibly fast!

She's a totally trustworthy & reliable buyer. yay
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