My girls (My Photo Thread)
I wanted to share some of my favourite photos of my girls.

Staring with Philomena, my first girl, who changed a lot

at first she stayed as she was (a Kaela)
[Image: IMG_5924.jpg]

then new hair and an obitsu 25 S
[Image: IMG_5950.jpg]

and then this hair and Obitsu 27 S
[Image: IMG_6168.jpg]

she's in love with makoto(RIDa)...
[Image: IMG_6274-horz.jpg]

then there's Hikaru, a custom from flickr: shinku7 my first love at first sight doll
[Image: IMG_6219.jpg]

my beloved Rei (my little dark angel<3)
[Image: IMG_6320.jpg]

(thanks to cutelittledevil for this awesome clothes grin)
[Image: IMG_6297.jpg]

sayuri my haute, wo's got a new wig recently
[Image: IMG_6169.jpg]

My familiy at the moment, without elodie (an unknow custom) and Aurore (Nero) who are on vacation, but I'll intrduce them when they are at home again
[Image: IMG_6267.jpg]

also I have to introduce asuka and makoto properly, but I wanted to shos only the best pictures; so I will do so later after new photo sessions
They are all so pretty!
they're all so beautiful! my fave is Hikaru, shes soooo cute!!

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