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+1 positive
Very fast payment for nude Lead! Thank you so much. A pleasure to deal with! smile
+1, great communications for split and I received my half super fast! Thanks!
+1 positive as a wonderful buyer! Peachy Keen to work with, thank you for giving my girls a new home!
+1 Wonderful Seller, great communications. We did a trade and it worked out perfectly...and sent in lightning speed! Thank you so much!!
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+1 as a seller. perfect communication, fast shipping and a wonderful wig. Gin enjoys having her stock wig back smile thanks for being so patient with me, and i can't wait to do business again!
+1 as a buyer! Super sweet, purchased Sui from me! ♥
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+1 splitter~!

Extremely friendly and patient, would definitely deal with again. Thanks so much! <33
+1 as a buyer!! everything went smoothly ^___^
+1 as a buyer!
Fast payment and great communication, I couldn't ask for a better transaction. Thanks!Happy
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+1 as a 'middlegirl'! I asked gameof_fate to receive a doll for me from the US & send it onto the UK, she even took pics for me when she received her before sending her off. Couldn't ask for a nicer person, thanks so much!
+1 as a buyer!
She is such a sweet person and had quick communication and payment! Thanks for adopting my girl <3
+1 as a Seller
I buy Papin's wig from her, add a little present for me ^^

Thanks! ^^

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+1 for being a great buyer, thank you so much. grin
+1 good seller. thank you!

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