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American McGee's Alice, Finally.
Face-up, dress, and all accessories excepting Cheshire were hand-done by myself over the course of a few months. (Cheshire was hand-sculpted over the course of a week by an old roommate of mine, who is insanely talented). This is the fourth iteration of McGee's Alice, and as yet she still isn't totally complete, but this is as far as I can take her on my skill set. I hope you like her!

[Image: 4321075123_1b97e43580.jpg]
[Image: 4321807752_09185de98d.jpg]
[Image: 4321075191_a8697efd74.jpg]
[Image: 4321807790_ae1d00bd41.jpg]
[Image: 4321073855_5dcdee8fa0.jpg]
[Image: 4321073735_3f42b862b9.jpg]
[Image: 4321075163_0d57d413f6.jpg]
[Image: 4321073913_dda9d6e546.jpg]
Oh she's awesome! You did a great job with her.
shes so much better - i love her so much!!!
I love her!! You did an amazing job, she looks just like the character Happy
And your old roommate did a awesome job on that Cheshire!! He looks so great, and perfect next to your AliceLOL
WOOOOW.... Amazing Whacked She ist perfect, I LOVE her Heart 2

Wow! :0 She looks amazing. I'd be scared of her. XD;;
Wow she's so awesome, her eyebrows are improved too, I really love how you made her face up!
She's so original and pretty!

And wow you have the best roommate ever!!!
WOW she looks sooo great!!!
Really excellent job =)
MissPattiDarling. Get yours at
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GORGEOUS!!! She's stunning :] Great job!!
I broke a fingernail. Woops. No I did not, okay? I sliced it. I sliced it like a man.

I'm finally back! Sorry for disappearing! Rb_x
You have a really amazing custom project!
Please post more photo when you are finished on her
I am a big fan of that game.
She is really pretty smile I especially like her lashes <3
ahh, you know this is great, don´t you? now i have to think of the kids ind the elementary school in the game. *shudder* >.<
She is beautifully frightening! Gorgeous, gorgeous job you did
[Image: f4iwk8.pngp]
thx to JennyCupcakes
¤ feedback ¤ WTB ¤ FS Dolls ¤
Thanks everyone! The feedback is very appreciated!

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