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Cerise with Cupcakes
[Image: cerisevalentine2.jpg]

[Image: cerisevalentine3.jpg]

[Image: cerisevalentine.jpg]

[Image: cerisevalentine4.jpg]

My mom bought me cupcakes for Valentines Day. Cerise is scheming over the cupcakes.
haha in that last photo you can see she is plotting how to get the cupcake! very cute smile
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XD *chuckles* Cute! And those cupcakes look good, I'd be staring at them too!
lol That is so cute!
She is going to get that cupcake lol, so cute!
Thanks everyone! <3
These shot are so cute. How she focus the cupcake...LOL
[Image: 985836219.png] [Image: 990079189.png] [Image: 243424796.png][Image: 962933148.png]
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How sweet yay
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LOL! She's adorable! I think you better watch it, or she's gonna eat all your nummy cupcakes!! <3

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