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Hello ^^ You may post feedback for me here~ I also have plenty of feedback on my selling LJ which is located here

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Thank you ^^
+1 as a seller! Happy Shoes arrived in great shape and well-packaged. Adorable little extras included, too. Would buy from again!
+1 positive received the items today and love everything, thanks so much for the freebies too!
+1 received items last night, came with adorable extras! Wonderful to work with!
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+1 for kilani as a seller. Great communication, very friendly, items arrived well-packed. Over perfect!
+1 for my goodies bag and the fun extras! Well packaged, perfect communication.
Thanks Alahna!
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+1 as a seller. Thanks for the skirt and the freebies as well. Pleasure to deal with and would buy from again.
+1 all items came quickly and in awesome condition! Thank you so much <3
+1 seller
My boots arrived today and were well packaged, thanks!
This was my first experience buying from here and it was fast and a pleasure to do as she is very friendly to deal with. My items arrived fast to Canada and were VERY WELL packaged and also received some cute little extras that were completely unexpected. I would recommed this seller. Thanks so much! ^__^

+1 for such a fantastic seller! She's so friendly and sweet, the clothes are so cute in person, and the little extra freebies were a nice surprise! smile Everything right down to the cute little mailman bunny doodle on the package just made my day. Thank you so much!!

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