Zoey's Slumber Party
My friend's new Dal, Sayuri, is staying the night with Zoey tonight so they are having a little slumber party!

Zoey: .......And she totally ran over Little Kat!
Sayuri: Oh no! Is she ok?
(Note: See Yarrr thread)
[Image: SlumberParty.jpg]

Sayuri: And the wrong address was on my box so I almost didn't get delivered at all!
Zoey: That's scary! I'm glad you got here safe!
[Image: SlumberParty2.jpg]

Zoey: Hello? Is Edward there?
Sayuri: *giggle*
(Again, I only have one boy doll!)
[Image: SlumberParty3.jpg]

Zoey: So now what do you want to do?
Sayuri: I don't know. What do you want to do?
[Image: SlumberParty4.jpg]

Zoey: Let's fix your hair!
Sayuri: Ok..........
[Image: SlumberParty5.jpg]

Zoey: Yay popcorn! I LOVE popcorn!
Sayuri: Me too!
[Image: SlumberParty6.jpg]

Me: Say cheese!
Zoey & Sayuri: Cheese!
[Image: SlumberParty7.jpg]
[Image: SlumberParty8.jpg]

Zoey and Sayuri: *giggle giggle*
Me: Good night you two. It's time to sleep.
[Image: SlumberParty9.jpg]

Zoey: Nori! Sana!
[Image: SlumberParty10.jpg]
I love these so cute Kat!
awww so sweet ^^

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