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Seller = +6
Trader = +1
Buyer = +9

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+1 smile

Recieved my item today - very quick transaction/postage and good comms!

Will look great on my pullip, thankyou yay
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wonderfull contact, fast and friendly. Got all my Whishes . Perfect seller 1 +++++

i will come back to you
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+1 for a flawless trade! Thank you so much!
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+1 As a seller.
Very fast delivery, very nice. Thanks. ;D
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+1 as a buyer. Fiwen30 bought my Hujoo Berry. We worked out a very very short little mini-layaway and payment was just as promised. grin Communication was also great. I would definitely recommend fiwen30 as a buyer!
Fiwen30 bought a wig from me and the transaction was flawless! Thanks again!
+1 as a buyer!

Purchased Pandas eyechips from me! Very friendly and quick payment smile

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+1 bought some clothes from me, everything went perfect! thank you very much!
+1 as a seller yay Very quick shipping and good packaging. Thanks again!
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+1 as seller
lovely item swiftly delivered
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+ 1 as a buyer!!

Sold her some dolly clothes. She paid quickly and was pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much.

+1 as a buyer!

Very nice and fast communication, also very friendly, I couldn't be any happier! (:
+1 as a buyer.

Purchased some cabochon eyes from me. Paid quickly, let me know when it arrived, and left me feedback. It was a smooth transaction and I definitely would work with her again.
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Just received a bait, bald cornice and she is exactly as described. Packed really well for the journey and sent quickly.
Thanks for the wee extras too! Fiona xx

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