Yukittie's Feedback
Note: I'm 24 years old. (I added this information because of a topic regarding seller ages on this forum a while ago.)

Hi ^^

This is my new feedback thread made by me <3 (Nurie made my old feedback thread which can be found if you click on the "feedback" link in my signature.)

Please give me feedback when you bought something from me or when I bought something from you, thank you so much I will do the same for you<3

I also have positive feedback on Ebay (as a seller & buyer), Den of Angels and Pullipfiction.com my username is the same: Yukittie
<3 <3 <3

Positive - 65 on Dollymarket, 12 on Pullipfiction.com and 160 on Ebay: 237 Positive feedback!
Neutral - 0
Negative - 0

heyy meeeei first (well here)
I want to give a huge plus one!!!!!!!! Laura is a wonderful person, she is very lovely and very interesting to talk.....She is so much fun, and a total pleasure
I would not hesitate to do business again with her. *hugs*....thank you very much my hermosa amiga...I´m so happy that my dolls founded a great mom as you....God bless!!!
+2 as a buyer! Many transactions with Yukittie, and would happily do many more - couldn't ask for better! Thanks much. <3
+1 as a buyer! she was great to communicate with, we did a very fair trade, and payment was super fast.

w o n d e r f u l ! :sp 2:
+1! great buyer, instant payment! thanks so much. (=
+1 as a buyer



Yukittie bought a wig from me and she paid very swiftly! I love this girl!!!

grin She's amazing!!!
Everything's postive with Yukittie!

She's a real nice and sweet person, talkative, polite and funny. This kind of person shows that this board isn't only for buying / selling / trading, but you can find truly genuinely nice people on here.

Moreover she's been trustful enough to commission me my first shirts ever and I'm really grateful for her for giving me her trust.

Thank you so much, I really hope you're as pleased as you said you were with your items <3
+1 as a buyer, thanks again!
+1 as a seller
I bought a type 4 body from her and it was just amazing! Well packaged, shipped fast!
She is really amazing to talk to!
She is definetley the sweetest doll person ever wink

xxx <3
<3 <3 <3 <3
+1 positive. Great buyer, she paid fast! A joy to do business with!

^___^ Laura's the best!
She bought a dress from me and she paid really quickly!
The transaction was really flawless <3
+1 as a buyer and a total doll to deal with grin

I'm happy you liked everything!!
+1 as a seller!!

YAAY I bought Gitsie from her, and I am so happy. She was very well packaged. Laura is amazing full stop <3
+1 from me! Great person to do business with!
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