darkviolets dolls - more dolls and more pics!
so now i want to show you my dolls...i have taken a lot of pictures, but i dont know if i can put them all online...

but here are some:
my Jonalou ( RIDa) in a neo noir dress
[Image: 16900519324957.jpg]
[Image: 16900476338070.jpg]
and in the dress i bought her with, relaxing in the shadow on a hot day
[Image: 16898976872685.jpg]
staring at the clouds with her new dress i made for her
[Image: 16959395614650.jpg]

[Image: 16959418211883.jpg]
[Image: 16959458773624.jpg]

and now her nameless little friend fanatica i received yesterday
[Image: 16959484809727.jpg]
[Image: 16959522548240.jpg]
[Image: 16959547154917.jpg]
[Image: 16959567771705.jpg]
[Image: 16959571741909.jpg]

and together
[Image: 16959366260551.jpg]
[Image: 16959389434063.jpg]
Pretty, I really like the little pink beret on your mini. Did you make it?
no i actually stole it from a mini doll from my daughter Rawr!

she is about the same size hehe...now we can change the dolls clothes :-)
does anyone have a good name for my mini? i have one in mind, but i am not actually sure...help me with that please...
AWW! They are so cute together! :3
Your rida is very beautiful and the little fanatica so cute
the mini has a name now: Milena

and i have a lot of new pictures and new dolls :-)

first there is my one and only DAL with her new dress:
[Image: 17072586354606.jpg]
[Image: 17072595799896.jpg]

then i took some pictures of my chill: my dark beauty
[Image: 17106396888859.jpg]
[Image: 17106414075554.jpg]
[Image: 17106425180989.jpg]
i have lot of new pics i want to show you...
first there is my Chill who has got a new jacket...i like it very much and i think she likes it too

[Image: 17446318337700.jpg]
[Image: 17446274872005.jpg]
[Image: 17446449093998.jpg]

and then... there is my little angel
i own her about a month now, but i havent unpacked her until now...she was still in her box all the time...i did this because i ordered a few dolls at once and i want to get to know each doll ..so i want to take my time with every doll

[Image: 17471257516503.jpg]

[Image: 17471303189113.jpg]

[Image: 17471356935343.jpg]

[Image: 17471439985718.jpg]

and she can fly...
[Image: 17471502447475.jpg]

[Image: 17472251259979.jpg]
Awww they are super pretty!
All your dolls are so pretty! LOL
[Image: 14939124571_371f909e27_m.jpg]
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Love your pictures--and all your dolls are so gorgeous!
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my Jona has got a new wig today and as soon as possible (immediately :-)) we took some pictures...

[Image: 17576932311993.jpg]
[Image: 17576925693874.jpg]
[Image: 17576913012319.jpg]
[Image: 17576948914462.jpg]

how do you like them?
They are all so pretty, I really like the last photo, the color of the wig on the black backround is beautiful.
[Image: 5501561441_f26807f466.jpg]
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now i want to introduce to you: my EOS Nike

riding on the dragon
[Image: 17606112839874.jpg]

then: relaxing in the sun...
[Image: 17606102053514.jpg]

[Image: 17606121351422.jpg]

my doll with my daughter:
[Image: 17606322810280.jpg]

and some more pics, because she is soooo beautiful...
[Image: 17606318822258.jpg]

[Image: 17606346439851.jpg]

[Image: 17606358338875.jpg]

i hope you like the pics...
She's gorgeous! I can't wait till mine gets here!
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