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[Papillons Noirs] Nioute (Veritas-down of p1)
~*~ Papillons Noirs ~*~

Name: Black Sugar
Model: Pullip Chill

[Image: pv9h4g8qbr.jpg]
[Image: 3agser4n3e.jpg]
[Image: op2mh3131k.jpg]


Name: Enma Ai
Model: Pullip Cornice

[Image: idv6z37nyu.jpg]
[Image: no2bragtaw.jpg]
[Image: 09bu0xjaa8.jpg]


Name: Kyutoko
Model: Pullip Prunella

[Image: 2e6owwuhzq.jpg]
[Image: 4p28g0mbcr.jpg]
[Image: txt79si04z.jpg]


Name: Black Pearl
Model: Pullip Zuora

[Image: fqc6uxnkvk.jpg]
[Image: r05f9gylt3.jpg]
[Image: ewuoxobzvr.jpg]


Name: Shinku
Model: Pullip Barasuishou

[Image: z54j4yhxi8.jpg]
[Image: oi99sz7ppv.jpg]
[Image: 1thy06tqx6.jpg]


Name: Mobscene
Model: Pullip Ala

[Image: pzkelp2cnl.jpg]
[Image: a4dux22b8s.jpg]


Name: Muscade
Model: Pullip My Melody

[Image: e2hk7i79t9.jpg]
[Image: z4eg96p0uu.jpg]


Name: Jensen
Model: Pullip Uncanricky

[Image: 2zhdpu72xd.jpg]
[Image: d6g0x7ot0k.jpg]


Name: Laurence
Model: Pullip Rida

[Image: vjm1m3ynll.jpg]
[Image: 0qt6gta202.jpg]


Name: Dirty Diana
Model: Pullip Mir

[Image: if7qw81t2j.jpg]
[Image: ncp43ovgbw.jpg]


Nom: Nioute
Model: Pullip Veritas

[Image: mgnj7n8aam.jpg]
[Image: 0ya66aaqha.jpg]
WOOOOW you really have a fantastic family... I can´t say which girl I like most... I like their style Heart 2 and of course the names, hehe... really really cool!!! LOL
Thank you very much ^^
Omg Kyutoko is so cute ! I love cyber goth looking dolls!!! amazing !
Gorgeous family!!
If you live to be one hundred years old, I want to live to be one hundred minus a day, so I never have to live one day without you. - Pooh Bear
Thanks again Happy

Muscade and her little animals friends Tongue

[Image: crs0n34cwt.jpg]

[Image: 7oo88dzuti.jpg]

[Image: y6adsynbdc.jpg]

[Image: o2cpkuahjq.jpg]

[Image: b8qdncgnyu.jpg]

[Image: gp08fols6o.jpg]

[Image: 4qwdosgbqb.jpg]

[Image: d4ndu0jmkl.jpg]

[Image: cvxm8c7b38.jpg]

[Image: hhra7vb29v.jpg]

[Image: g598mdlulv.jpg]

[Image: kw1p858aax.jpg]

[Image: rbbzkbdelc.jpg]


[Image: 22ai60wkyl.jpg]

[Image: tcy9uefbz2.jpg]

[Image: 7hbrohixee.jpg]
All of your dolls are very very beautiful!

[Image: 4411431791_d1aa67b3b7_o.png]

I love your family! Everyone is so unique and has such distinct personalities!!!
Thanks ^^
your family is really lovely! They're all so cool xD
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fabulous doll and photoss!
[Image: 2138763065_73134a72b8.jpg]
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WANT: Melissa
Each of your dolls is so beautiful and unique.
Such talent in designing and fashion.
Do you make their clothes?
Thanks ^^ Yes I make any clothes or accessories ^^

Pictures of Nioute,my Veritas ^^

[Image: 4v6ahtgzt4.jpg]

[Image: b0tuduwmqv.jpg]

[Image: ztjdtjwm8e.jpg]

[Image: c59wvchu51.jpg]

[Image: yys8kalqua.jpg]

[Image: k8mfkt8rc8.jpg]

[Image: 44yct8zft9.jpg]

[Image: ibfzzcnwqg.jpg]

[Image: yhspvgtjbs.jpg]

[Image: g2di71ms2c.jpg]

[Image: r72a59lbwx.jpg]
J'ADORE la troisième photo de Black Sugar! La petite tête de Pinky me fait rire (pauvre Pinky...) XD

Toutes tes poupées sont vraiment jolies grin

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