Zoey's new style!
Now Zoey has new hair! Isn't she beautiful?? And the best part is, not I can play with both my girls' hair!

[Image: Zoeynewwig.jpg]
[Image: Zoeynewwig2.jpg]

And Kona got a new duck.....
[Image: ZoeynewwigKona.jpg]
[Image: ZoeynewwigKona2.jpg]
Duck! yay i like her new wig too - did you straighten her stock or is it completly new?
It's new. I'm far too attached to Zoey's stock wig to straighten it at this point. I bought a Blanche's wig and the ponytail part got caught on the ziplock when I was pulling it out and messed it up and it got worse when I tried to fix it because apparently the ends were pretty dry. It's a shame too because I was actually planning to probably leave the curls in it. Anyway, so I had to straighten and trim it. I think I did pretty good for my first time doing either. What's really fun is it's the same color as her old hair!
Awww she looks so cute with her hair like that!
It looks great. She looks like a little princess in that lovely dress!
Thanks! I think it suits her! It makes her look even sweeter!

[Image: Zoeynewwigwindow.jpg]
[Image: Zoeynewwigwindow2.jpg]
[Image: Zoeynewwigwindow3.jpg]
Very sweet girl! I like her new look smile
OOoh she's cute

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