Nytherial's Feedback
+1 for being a fantastic buyer, and for putting up with my foolishness ^^;
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+1 for being a super-awesome buyer!

Nytherial is wonderful--she PMs when she sees something she's interested in and pays immediately. She patiently waits for it to arrive and then when it does, she lets the seller know.

She is a picture-perfect buyer, and as such, I'd love to deal with her again! Thanks a bunch! yay
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+++1 as buyer

Awesome transaction smile thank you!

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+1 as a buyer! Very sweet to deal with, fast payment and excellent communication! smile
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+1 buyer~

Super sweet and pleasant to work with! Thank you~! <33
+1 as a buyer. Prompt payment, quick communication! Thank you for purchasing my goods!
+1 as a buyer! Wonderful communication and great to sell to. Thanks again~
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+1 as a buyer! Very friendly, quick to respond, and fast payment! Thanks again!
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A++ Seller, would definitely buy again! Thank you! grin
+1 as a seller.
Bought 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of pants. Came super fast!
1+ As a Seller,

Excelent, great communications, everything was perfect!!! Very polite and helpful. ;D
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+1 for an awesome seller! Super communication and fast shipping- thanks again! Happy
+1 buyer!! Quick payment and good communication!! Thank you!!
+1 as a seller

Nytherial is a lovely person to PM with, very kind and helpful. I bought a doll to become a custom from her and she shipped it to the customiser for me with zero drama. Everything was perfect and I can't thank her enough for everything smile
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+1 as a seller again

everything I said up there ^^^ - my Cinciallegra arrived as described. I wish everyone was as easy to get along with .. smile
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