My first Pullip -- Mir
I took my very first Pullip, a Mir, outside today for photos. She's really pretty! I think I've caught the Pullip bug straight

[Image: DSC04737.jpg]
I took her jacket off and found this petal-type dealie under there...don't know why it's there, but OK!
[Image: DSC04743.jpg]
[Image: DSC04734.jpg]
And in her full regalia:
[Image: DSC04729.jpg]

Prettiest faceup I've ever seen, wouldn't even think of changing it!
She's beautiful, congratulations!
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Aww I love Mir, and yours is so cute (;
Aww. she is beautiful!

Congrats, I'm sure you'll have the Pullip bug now and just want more and more!
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Congratulations! She's so cute! LOL
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Mir is most definitely gorgeous. smile
Congrats !
Very beautiful! Good choice for a first pullip
she's gorgeous, I love her face-up <3

Mir has been my first Pullip, too. And she is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Your pics are great!
[Image: signatur.jpg]
I just love her faceup; she's a really striking doll!

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