Anyone for Roller Derby?
I decided to make my custom girls into Roller Derby Queens!

Although they do look a bit too innocent to be derby girls!

Punky Bruiser:

[Image: 4695143393_4cdbbc704b.jpg]

Strawberry Smashcake:

[Image: 4698644605_5122c790b6.jpg]

[Image: 4698644509_d809143ed6_m.jpg]

I think they may be up for adoption soon, spent a bit too much $$ on new dolls to customize, will see if the money fairy visits any time soon, otherwise they may have to go to a new home
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Ooh, I may have to consider adopting them, then - I am in the (slow) process of doing somewhat the same with my Nahh.. She would probably love a couple of team mates! wink
Ooooo awesome! I LOVE roller derby! These girls look smashing for sure! grin
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My neighbors' whole family loves derby and they all play, even the youngest girl who is in third grade. But since they are also very close friends, I love derby too even though I don't play. I <3 Strawberry Smashcake! And the pose she is in looks so natural, I want to see more pictures!

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They are so awesome! I really love what you did with them.
Awesome. I lover Roller Derby girls
Oh, they are so cool! I'm sure if you do need to rehome them, they'd be adopted immediately! smile
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I love Punky Bruiser and if you do decide on rehoming them, gimme a PM! <3

[Image: 4411431791_d1aa67b3b7_o.png]

I'd want Punky Bruiser too if you ever decided to rehome her. LOL
They're awesome, and I can't get over those cool little roller skates!
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