A little Dal get-together
Well, tonight I got to meet up with a fellow Dal collector who lives near me! I met up with franklymydear (she is a member here); she is just so sweet! It was really awesome getting to take my Dals out (I basically never do), and for them to meet other Dals! And the best part is, franklymydear was able to show me how to hybrid obitsu AND how to take out eye-chips!! (I've seen the tutorial but was too afraid to attempt these things myself.) The results are amazing, and I am just so happy!

Here are a few pics of our Dals together:

A pic of the mess as we worked on the project:
[Image: 4710708843_1ac5a1906f.jpg]

And pics of all of our girls together (after the project was complete!):
[Image: 4710708997_c4eebe530d.jpg]
[Image: 4710709129_76f99d64b1.jpg]
From left to right:
My Sappho (Monomono)
Franklymydear's Annie (Angry)
My Zoet (ACR)
Franklymydear's London (Coral)
My Atropos (Tezca, now with Ciel Robin's eyechips!)

Atropos is wearing a borrowed robe, following her "operation." She is also wearing some super cute hand-made doll socks that Franklymydear was nice enough to give to me as a gift!! She also gave me a really cute PJ set and a Hello Kitty notebook! It was an awesome time; I hope you guys like the pics! Yay for super awesome dollie friends who live close enough to get together every now and then grin
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sweet little dals yay I love their outfits. It's like they are having a grand time altogether.
Sure is nice to have another dal collector nearby , :3
Awww, fun! It's neat that you could do that, and learn how to re-chip and make hybrids! Adorable group of Dals there as well, cute pics!
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How fun! And what a cute group!
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wow, how nice! I love the group pics!

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