Collette (Mir) Has Arrived!! - Pic Heavy
I took a ton of pics of her. She is so pale and beautiful! I like her better than Elisabeth.

[Image: Collette.jpg]

[Image: Collette2.jpg]

[Image: Collette3.jpg]

[Image: Collette4.jpg]

[Image: Collette5.jpg]

[Image: Collette6.jpg]

[Image: Collette7.jpg]

[Image: Collette8.jpg]

[Image: CM3.jpg]
Comparison shot with Marianne to show the difference in paleness

[Image: CM4.jpg]

And a shot of the other three girls...

[Image: Girls.jpg]
Wow, she is beautiful! I love seeing her next to Marianne. Congrats!
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Congrats on your new girl Happy Mir has such pretty eyes and her berry stained lips are lovely too.
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She's gorgeous, her face-up's really nice.

She's such a lovely girl
I love your My Melody's wig too <3
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Your lucky to have a Mir, she is so gorgeous!
I love her *--* is preciuos
Very beautiful! I love Mir *o*
I really like this doll. She's so pretty!!

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