Iris - Design Contest Doll! Thank you CaptainFantastic! ^-^
Hi guys. :3 I recently won CaptainFantastic's doll design contest and, today, Iris arrived with me! I think you'll all agree that she has done a fantastic job in making my vision into a workable outfit and faceup. <3 I think she's beautiful!

Also thank you to Zienkyer for making her special eyechip. ^^

She needs better shoes when I find some suitable. XD And I was going to give her a longer purple wig with pigtails but now this one is on her I think it looks adorable so I might keep it.

Her story is that she is a robot doll made by a man called Velic, to help him out in his workshop. She has been build up over time so she is not quite completed yet - her eye is still a computer chip and she has two right arms! XD

Anyway, on to the pictures! They do not do justice to the gorgeous and subtle faceup that CaptainFantastic has done - her eyeshadow is a very soft touch of gold glitter and her blush is just enough to give her some colour.

[Image: S6303610.jpg]

[Image: S6303611.jpg]

[Image: S6303618.jpg]

[Image: S6303614.jpg]

[Image: S6303623.jpg]
Wow, that computer eye chip is AWESOME!!!!
Yes it is! Did CaptainFantastic make it?

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Thanks. :3 The eyechip was made by Zienkyer. <3
Stunning! I love the story behind her too. Congratulations!
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Thank you. yay <3
Wow, she's awesome! Congratulations!
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The eyechips are awesome!
She came out great!
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Thank you. :3
She is absolutely lovely. Congrats on winning the contest! You totally deserved it and she turned out amazing!

[Image: 4411431791_d1aa67b3b7_o.png]

Wow! I love her outfit and the computer eye chip! yay
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Thank you so much guys. :3

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