[Papillons Noirs]Seth and Kurosaki (Tae Maguna & Kain)
Shooting with Seth (Taeyang Maguna) and Kurosaki (Taeyang Kain)

Seth my Egyptian Guy

[Image: 750iqa7ti8.jpg]

[Image: lh3zrb1gz2.jpg]

[Image: j50qn2qmui.jpg]

[Image: j2pooogxlp.jpg]

[Image: 4xot7l4voi.jpg]

[Image: h82oymvljn.jpg]


[Image: sg59jabv5g.jpg]
Kurosaki my cosplay of Kurosaki from the Manga Dengeki Daisy

[Image: qwo96evvgk.jpg]

[Image: vzl6va961o.jpg]

[Image: beba4xl8ra.jpg]

[Image: 49hj84vfig.jpg]

[Image: sfxxrijiiu.jpg]

[Image: w9otbxbfuy.jpg]

[Image: h4j7yxxmn7.jpg]

[Image: 91gloqbi4g.jpg]

[Image: 2gin0gu7rv.jpg]

[Image: imo959xoqs.jpg]

[Image: 4q7my30lp3.jpg]

[Image: qhwiyu7ho8.jpg]

[Image: wfi3k809v2.jpg]

[Image: hxpzn4cwax.jpg]
They are both very handsome!
~Remi Rose Happy
OMG I looooove Seth Heart 2 Heart 2 Heart 2
Thank you XD
Seth is just stunning (well they both are, but he caught my eye first)! I never would have interpreted Maguna that way, but it's awesome!
[Image: dolldolls.jpg]
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