My Dals

[Image: 4754639129_fe70a9d506.jpg]


[Image: 4714345724_b38425eaec.jpg]


[Image: 4611412280_7f5b91e1ba.jpg]


[Image: 4550951566_e1e14657b1.jpg]


[Image: 4523440423_3cdbd5db02.jpg]
Aww, your dolls are so cute! And MIWAKO~! Did you get that from Paradise Kiss? Because that's who she totally reminds me of! <3333
Thx ^^ Yes, Miwako is from PK, she looks like her, is perfect smile

[Image: 4256899043_cda69c4330.jpg]
How cute! And you're right! I hadn't noticed that before! <33
All of your dolls are absolutely adorable <3

[Image: 4411431791_d1aa67b3b7_o.png]

Your girls are so cute!! I love them *o*
They're all so cute! * w* <33

I was trying to pick a favourite,
but I couldn't they were all too cute... ; w;'''
They are adorable and you can really see their personalities in each pic!
Great pictures, they are too cute!
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So adorable! You definitely just fulfilled my Dal fix for the night!
[Image: dolldolls.jpg]
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Me necantan tus nenas!!
Guapas wink Persephone bonica, tas agustito con tu nueva mami?

They are so cute *__* But I love Anya and Ivy :3
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All your girls are freakin' cuteHeart 2
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PK is my fav manga! She indeed looks like Miwako! Your dolls are lovely

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