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Feedback for tertlecrazy
Starting this to keep track of my feedback, hoping to buy lots of goodies in the future! Tongue
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+1 as a buyer, she purchased two wigs from me off of LJ and it was a pleasant experience. Nice communication and prompt payment!
+1 trader~

We split Chelsea just recently, and I must say, she kept in contact the ENTIRE time and was super friendly to boot! When the stock arrived, it was *VERY* well packaged and! She even sent me a super cute charm for my dolls! <33 Thanks soooo much! I would love to split with you again! <33
+1 as a buyer. TertleCrazy bought my custom pullip head, Muertos from me smile
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+1 for a buyer. Paid fast and very good communication. Thanks so much for your purchase!
+1 as a buyer! Prompt payment and great communication. Thanks again for your purchase, here's to no more body-less dolls floating around your house!LOL
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+1 as a buyer. Great communication and very fast payment!
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+1 as a buyer, paid quickly and is all-around great! grin
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+1 for a great sale

bought some dreads from me that i couldnt use - paid quickly and was a pleasure to do businned with yay
+1 as a seller. I bought a lot of clothing from her and not only did she ship extremely fast, but added more than i expected! thanks so much!! i love everything ;D
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thx to JennyCupcakes
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+1- Fabulous buyer. great communication!

Big Hugs!
dal :0)
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+2 yay

bought Arietta from her and traded my Hujoo for her Little Apple doll - extremly happy with both transactions
Bought a lovely wig from her and it arrived quickly!

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+1 positive. absolutely love the plush, thanks a bunch!!
+1 as a seller of a lot that included Nude Missionary and rewigged Naomi + outfit. Tertlecrazy was GREAT to deal with and very helpful with figuring out the best method for international shipping. Thanks tertlecrazy yay

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