An introduction to some of my family
I'm a newbie here but not to the world of Pullips, so I thought I would introduce some of my girls smile I've been a collector since 2005 but my dolly buying has slowed waaaay down as I have too many to love! Here are some of my favourite girls:

Phoebe, my Assa:




Miki & Ginny:




Lydia & Alice:


Thanks for looking! yay
Awww they're all so lovely! Paja and Fantastic Alice <333333
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Their all so lovely, I'm particularly fond of Willow. yay
Heart 2 Loves her crazy plastic crew. Heart 2
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Wow! What a lovely family you have their, I just love Willow!
what beautiful girls smile I think my favourites are Phoebe & Plum.
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I love Assa's eye color.
What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I used to hat The White Queen, you know.
I really love Plum & Ginny <33 But they're all gorgeous! smile & welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing lots more piccies of your girls.

Amazing family!!! I hope to see soon more pictures of your lovely girls
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What a gorgeous family you have! They're all so sweet! smile

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