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just for the future, if I ever sell anything, people that buy from me please give me feedback here. yay
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Seriously the BEST seller I have ever met.
Thank you so much for all your help & kindness. I was over the moon with the wig I pruchased & my girl is very happy now.
I truly recommend Hope. Everything about this transaction was perfect!
THANK YOU! *hugs*
+2 for being an amazing seller! I've adopted 2 girls from Hope, but I forgot to leave feedback last time ._.; Thanks so much for Sou and Lizbel, I'd recommend you to anyone!
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+ 1 as a seller.

Thanks a millions for little girl I adore her, she is so beautiful. Excellent comunications, very friendly and very kind. Highly recomended. yay
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+1 as a seller ^^

She's very kind and the shipping was so fast, she's an excellent seller! The doll is in perfect conditions and she's amazing, I'm very happy with it! Thank you once again, Hope smile
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+1 as a seller

I'm from south america and I bought a doll . She comes in really good condition with all her small items of her stock outfit. Thanks! yay

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