My Angelique!
This is my one and only pullip, Ange:

Victorian Princess

Jour 26

I hope you like seeing her! These are some of my favourite photos of Angelique so I thought people might enjoy them yay
Ahh I love the vintage dress in the 2nd picture. She is lovely!
[Image: f4iwk8.pngp]
thx to JennyCupcakes
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I love her in the wig in the first picture. It suits her really well
Thank you both! <3
mobscenes, I'm glad you like the dress! I made it myself, inspired by Victorian styles yay
she's gorgeous, I love the first wig too, it makes her look angelic...which suits her name really! smile You've got some really lovely photo's, I hope I manage to get some as lovely as that of my pullips.

I love that pic on the swing Heart 2
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Oooooo, I do love that dress!!! The last shot is too cute!
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beautiful !!!
She's really sweet. I love her brown dress especially <3
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She is beautiful and that second dress is fab.

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