Some of my family
As I said, I have a little family of pullips, dals and taes, and these are some of them smile

Thanks for looking! Happy

[Image: 4862985528_d2ce6c35f6.jpg]

[Image: 4853103104_249bb4cb28.jpg]
Lorea and Ilargi.

[Image: 4852474671_99d1e84407.jpg]

[Image: 4843347406_e736f952f4.jpg]

[Image: 4837990161_f073fe8f8f.jpg]

[Image: 4837981051_9cfb4e2394.jpg]

[Image: 4836994663_2f8fccd6f6.jpg]

[Image: 4823055281_669dd859f0.jpg]

[Image: 4779741606_00f7623e36.jpg]

[Image: 4757133073_067187395d.jpg]

[Image: 4756962373_0908793389.jpg]

[Image: 4754191291_42284c47e7.jpg]

[Image: 4738834408_8019797eb2.jpg]

[Image: 4693272794_937f5640b9.jpg]

[Image: 4693265920_fdaf609d4c.jpg]

[Image: 4595266316_4c4e427b82.jpg]

[Image: 4542540095_8b2e01b8ea.jpg]

Well, those are almost all, but I still left some to show xD Sure many of you know my family (did not let me register the name I normally use), but I hope you have enjoyed Happy Thank you again yay
[Image: tokidoki.jpg]
Awww they're all so beautiful! I have a large weakness for Paulia though XD
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Your dolls are gorgeous!! I really love your Rida & Cinci!
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Holy smokes, what a beautiful family, their eyechips are so great, especially the first one! The shot of your Byul is one of the prettiest I've seen. And I LOVE the freckles on your Dal!
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wow! What a gorgeous family <3 you've got some really stunning girls there (& boys! lol).

Your family is adorable! I love all your photos!
I adore your Uncanricky! smile

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I love that close-up on Paulia! She's so pretty, it's weird, she's out of stock on PS(so I'm guessing she's popular?) but I've seen very few pictures of her.

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Thank you very much!! You're very kind, thanks yay
I think Paulia is the most popular byuls, but it's true that there aren't many pictures of her, I don't know why xD
I'm so glad you like my family, I hope to show you the missing as soon as possible Happy
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Awwww your girls are stunning Heart 2
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Soooo beautiful! Congrats! How do you handle them all???
Seems alot of work for just one! Raven hasn't even arrived & she's already got a huge personality. Lots of work
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Beautiful family, I love your pictures. They are so bright and clear.
Wonderful family you have there, I'm wondering about their names now grin
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Thank you very much for all your comments, you're very kind, thanks HappyHappyHappyHappy

(08-13-2010, 11:15 PM)Duskkodesh Wrote: Wonderful family you have there, I'm wondering about their names now grin

You're right, I forgot to put their names, but I've edited the post and you can know what they're called. Thanks for reminding me yayyayyayyay
[Image: tokidoki.jpg]
wow,they are all sooo gorgeouous!!
Your pics are beautiful!!

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