My new dollies (and a few old ones too!).
Hi. :3 Been a while since I posted any pictures of my beloved dolls - and I have a few I havn't even shared any pictures of yet! So here they are. yay

First up is Rebecca! She's a Barasuishou, wearing Drta's stock wig until the one I've bought for her arrives. :3 Here she's with my Trillian (Zuora), who plays her daughter, I'm really pleased how they look together! Rebecca definitly has an 'older' look than Trillian.
[Image: S6303851.jpg]

And here in a more casual look. She is in need of some new eyechips very soon! These will do until I can make some custom ones for her.
[Image: S6303883.jpg]

Next is Laveris. She's a Kaela, rewigged in Naomi's stock (which is so soft and lovely!).
[Image: S6303882.jpg]

[Image: S6303849.jpg]

And here she is with Jeni, a custom Alte (by Saffy).
[Image: S6303904.jpg]
Pretty. Rebecca's eyechips are gorgeous--are they stock eyechips or has she been re-chipped? I love the way you pose them--so realistic. Especially Laveris holding the DS. smile
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Oh, thank you. :3 They are plain coolcat clears with some of their custom backings (they are kind of snowflakey I think, someone sent them to me as a free gift for buying some stuff, I have lots of different colours!).

I try very hard when I pose my dollies, thank you. ^^ One thing that attracted me to Pullips in the first place was just how amazing they can be posed (helps that Laveris is on an obitsu though. XD).
I agree, your poses are wonderful! Beautiful family you have! smile
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yay Thank you. <3
I love the custom eyechips! Your girls are very pretty!
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Thanks, which eyes did you like? :3 Most of them have customs except for Jeni. XD

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