New dress and a Necklace
I tend not too put photo's of my dolls up often, but Miracle (Blanche) got a new necklace which I thought was to adorable not to put up LOL I had an emerald broach and a part of it came of, instead of re-attaching it I thought it would make a nice necklace for Miracle.

[Image: 4907343712_aabca4fc06.jpg]
[Image: 4906755371_59f7570613.jpg]
[Image: 4906756203_7f6e606f7e.jpg]

an extra of her showing of the new dress I made her. yay

[Image: 4907344234_3f481f6575.jpg]

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Gorgeous, love the dress!

She is really pretty. I love Blanche's face up, I wouldn't change mine because I love it so. The necklace and dress are beautiful, great job
That did make a beautiful necklace, smart thinking! The dress is very pretty too!
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Tht dress is gorgeous and so is her nacklace LOL
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Beautiful! I love the dress as well!

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