feedback for Miss Edith
+1 as a buyer! Miss Edith bought my Phoebe, payment was timely and I'm very happy that one of my most loved dolls has an amazing new home <3 thank you so much!!
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+1 for another great trade, Added a NRFB Assa to my collection smile
+1 as awesome person. And buyer. smile

Quick payment and fantastic person to talk to and get to know.
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+1 as a buyer

Miss Edith bought some clothes from me, she paid very quickly & was lovely to deal with, as always smile

+1 as a seller

Good communication and understanding person. Purchased a Pullip Ddalgi from her and couldn't be happier. ^^ the item was well protected and arrived quickly. Thank you!
+ 2 as a seller! I bought two times from her. It was both perfect: very comunicative, well protected, fast shipping... Thank you for all!
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+1 as a seller! I bought Dal Risa from her. Great communication, quick shipping and careful packaging. Thanks!!
+1 as a seller! I ordered a Naomi from her, and my new doll arrived quickly and safely. Thank you so much! Special 3
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+1 as a seller!

I bought 3 dolls from her and all was pERFECT!
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+1 as a seller! I purchased Isul Mao from Miss Edith. He was exactly as described, and communication was quick and friendly. A++
+1 seller! I purchased a Pullip Cinci off MissEdith and she was so friendly and helpful. My pullip arrived super quickly in perfect condition smile
+1 as a seller!

I bought her Afternoon and Chenille and they were both arrived as described. She was very friendly and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks!
+1 as a seller. Sold me Ende and she came perfectly. Thank you so much! smile
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+ 1 as a seller

Received taeyang lead today and he has arrived in perfect condition! She was very friendly and helpful throughout! Made my first dollymarket buy a very pleasant experience. smile
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+1 great buyer!

Organized a layaway and paid promptly with lots of communication smile thank you!

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